FlightOps uses complex mathematical algorithms to produce solutions that meet your daily demands at the lowest cost possible.  Issues like the cost of positioning, upgrading, aircraft maintenance, charter and crew duty are included in the analysis.  There are virtually millions of options to be considered, and FlightOps calculates them all in a matter of minutes.  This optimization technology is a major cost-saving feature of FlightOps.

Aircraft Schedule Optimization



Sophisticated Programming.  Plane Logic.

Scheduling in FlightOps is accomplished with the use of a Gantt Chart.  It communicates a concise visual picture of every flight, crewmember and maintenance event, alerting the user of their status and impact on the overall operation.

Scenario Based Flight Scheduling

Scenarios are real-time copies of the master schedule that can be modified independently to solve problems without changing the master schedule.  The most common type of scenario is created automatically as result of an optimization.  Manual  scenarios can be created as too.  This feature allows users to review, compare and modify complex solutions without changing the master schedule.  With a click of a button any scenario can be promoted to become the master schedule.

Real-Time Gantt Chart

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